Innovative IT solutions

for the Information Society

We will be at:


Digital innovation

6th June in San Marino
Digital know-how for cyber innovation and security

Social Media Week

11th June in Rome
Online anti-money laundering: IMF’s point of view

New skills, new professional profiles and new instruments

to best manage the Noise, Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom and Insight chain.

Tradition and innovation

“E” means “electronics” and Sapio is the Latin word for “knowledge”: a creative blend of modern and classic, innovation and experience.

A newco for a futuristic idea

With 30 years of professional experience and qualified references in the fields of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and HCM (Human Capital Management).

Know to Decide

Methods, solutions and consultancy to facilitate the management of complex information and professional growth so as to improve the decision-making process.

If I have seen further it is by standing
on ye sholders of Giants

Isaac Newton